About us

Our philosophy.

Welcome to Cruise to Se7en – a place dedicated to bring you unbelievable driving pleasure. A Celebration of Soul, Cars, Freedom, Lifestyle and Happiness.  

Founded in 2006, we started to creat a new way an car rally. A driving experience with just freedom. The fun from having time trails or other competition elements are left and the fun for a day and night program are full of suprises.  A unique concept based on “there are moments in life that are larger than life”. Everything we do, is what we believe master craftsmanship.

We have to have an eye for the smallest detail, check everything and do push the enveloppe. That is why the routes, hotels, visits, services, entertainment, ambiance and surprises are approached with such care, that we can honestly say that we only start where everyone else do say: “this is it ”  A salute that brings people and cars together in the world of happiness for him and her.

As part of delivering the best smoking roads, we do sell as well one-off, ‘under embargo’  and classic plus current models sport cars. 

Cruise To Se7en - A world like no other! Style since 2005

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